5 things you should know about cryptocurrency in Canada

In this digitally advancing world, no one carries a wallet full of cash for shopping. Typically, we use credit cards or sometimes e-wallets to make payments for the items we purchase. Cryptocurrency is primarily a digital representation of money. Unlike our cash, which we store in banks, we use digital wallets dedicated to storing cryptocurrency. … Read more

How to use Bitcoin in Canada?

Before we dive into knowing where can we use bitcoin, we should understand what bitcoins are in the first place. Bitcoins are the most popular form of cryptocurrency, which is in some way, digital money. Only, it is not the money that you use like e-wallets or credit cards; instead, it is a different currency altogether. … Read more

How to make money from stock photos ?

In stock photography, photographer supply the photographs which are often licensed for special use. Professional stock photography gave their photos on a contract basis to many stock agencies. Many stock agencies also take high-quality photographs of newcomers. In simple words, we can say that the photos we download from the internet or any other websites come … Read more

How to know if someone declines your DM on Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform. The procedure of using Instagram is quite easy and interesting at the same time. It allows us to share videos, photos, and put stories. One can also interact with each other by sending messages. You can find two types of accounts on Instagram. The first is a public account and the … Read more

How to add someone on Discord?

Discord is one of the best digital platforms for video calling, chatting. This application is a worldwide platform and you can use this application in 27 different languages. There are plenty of applications which provide you a good video quality but if you’re looking for one of the best then Discord can be your first choice. You … Read more

How to view Instagram Full Size Photos?

Instagram is the popular social network in recent years with its most famous feature to share photos worldwide over the internet. This feature is one of the greatest and the reason for Instagram getting developed. Ever noticed that Instagram decreases the quality and size of the photo while positing the high- quality pictures of DSLR. … Read more

How to change SoundCloud name?

Your username makes it easy for others to find you on sound cloud. Your username is through which you are identified on sound cloud. So, you need to understand that profile name on sound cloud is extremely essential. You may wonder how to change SoundCloud name. Fortunately, changing your name on sound cloud is really very … Read more

How to know If someone blocked you on Gmail?

Are you also confused if one of your clients block you on Gmail or not? It is not easy to find who block you on Gmail. Because Gmail doesn’t introduce any feature from where you can check this. But in case you are sending lots of emails to your client and not receiving any reply … Read more

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