Top 10 Best Apps To Watch IPL Live Free

Top 10 Best Apps To Watch IPL Live Free

The most important and interesting entertainment field for the Indian people is the “Indian Premier League”. The short form of the Indian Premier League is IPL. This is the most anticipated sport for the people of the whole world not only for the Indian people.

IPL is the T20 tournament which is played between various players of different teams. There are so many ways to watch this sport in online. Even the officials of the IPL will always telecast their sport through live streaming. Among all other live-streaming sports this sport and IPL matches are most demanded by the audience.

They will telecast through certain apps under certain conditions. And these apps are of two types they are like paid apps and free versions. At times most of the people can’t pay the recommended subscription payment to watch the live stream of the IPL. For them, these free versions are more useful. So in our today’s article, we will mention the top 10 apps which are majorly used to watch IPL at free of cost.


Most of the people in India are interested in cricket rather than any other game. And almost all of them are addicted to watch this game inspite of all other conditions. There are many websites and apps which will publish this cricket content at free of cost. And this publishment is free and they will provide these videos without any interruptions.

The only thing that a person needs to have to watch this game in a live stream is downloading the app which will provide free live IPL matches. This happens because not everyone will get a ticket an IPL ticket to watch the match in live at stadiums. Not only this sometimes due to urgent work and physical problems people are wishing to watch this at home itself. Each and every app that is mentioned below suitable for both the android and IOS smartphones.

How to watch the IPL match on mobile or laptop?

Firstly choose any one of the app from the below list. Then download the app on your device. After downloading the app simply sign in into your account to access the content. Some of the apps will never ask the users to sign in also they will directly provide all the videos and shows on their platform to the users.

The major advantage is that most of the apps are telecasting the IPL matches at free of cost. And only two or three apps charging a little amount of money from the users. That the users need to pay to watch their content on their app.

What are the major apps which are used to watch this IPL match at free of cost?

There are so many apps which are used to watch these IPL matches. But we should not use all these kinds of apps because some of them may even charge at the end of the IPL season. To avoid all these kinds of issues it is always recommended for the users to use only below mentioned apps for their better usage. The apps are,

Jio TV:

Recently the owner of the reliance company has announced that they are going to provide the whole season of IPL on jio TV to all the jio sim users at free of cost. This is directly announced by the owner Mukesh Ambani itself in a press meeting.

And the right cause behind providing these matches for free is that they are going to generate their money back from the data that the users are using to watch the match. The famous platform Hotstar is partnered and collaborated with the Reliance Jio to make it easier for the company to provide live IPL matches without any drawbacks.

Disney plus Hotstar:

When we hear the name of an IPL match at the same time we will also listen to the name of Disney plus Hotstar. Because from many years onwards this is the standard platform that is providing IPL matches.

To watch the matches you need to simply select either a free or premium subscription of Disney plus Hotstar. After that sign into your account and continue watching the matches. By using this application you are not only able to watch the matches but also you can watch amazing content like movies and TV shows.

Airtel Prepaid 2023 offer:

Airtel company announced that airtel customers can watch IPL matches by using the latest airtel prepaid offer. This offer is nothing but a plan of payment that is not only meant for the IPL matches but you can get a complete package of 12 months. The name of this package is Disney plus Hotstar VIP subscription. To purchase this subscription you simply need to pay 399 rupees only. Immediately after completing this payment, you will get 12 months package.

Airtel TV app:

Apart from the above-mentioned scheme for airtel customers, there is another way that is using the airtel TV app. This can telecast all the shows and matches that will come under the section of entertainment.

You can activate this plan by simply visiting any one of the airtel retail shops or you can directly download the Airtel TV app and activate the plan on your profile page itself. Not only this, in each and every IPL season this airtel TV company people are providing special offer plans to reduce the expenditure of the subscribers.

HD Streamz:

This is also one of the famous apps that is providing live IPL matches at free of cost Nearly there are 1000 channels which are actively published across the world by this app. As this HD streamz app supports all kinds of Indian channels because of this reason this app is the perfect one for streaming free IPL matches.

At present they are more than 10 million plus users who are constantly using this app for their usage. You can usually notice that there are so many apps that will ask users to sign in into their account either by using a mobile number or email address to access the content on their platform. But this HD Streamz app will never ask the users to sign into their account to watch their content.

The only thing that the user needs to do is download the application and use it. Here in this app if one channel stops working means automatically the app will recognize and switch to another channel and will never stop the telecasting process of the live streaming.

Thop TV:

Thop TV is a free app for both android and IOS devices. This app also does not require any subscription requirements. In this app, there are different sections that are separated on the behalf of genres. The users can create their own favorites and watch later lists.

This is the special feature provided by this app which makes the users to make a list and the app will remind them about the saved movies and shows. They will telecast the IPL matches through highly secured links without any interruption in the middle. This app is available in two forms they are normal form and the mod APK form. All the matches are published in HD format and users can even cast their screen from one device to the other.

This will help us to screen mirror the IPL matches on the big screen. Not only cricket matches you can even watch basket ball, volley ball, soccer, tennis and so on using this application. This app is completely free and the users will get more features that are not even present in the premium subscription.

CricHD TV:

As the name itself denotes that this app is majorly designed for cricket sport. All the shows and live telecasts related to sky sports, ESPIN sports, BT sports and Bein sports are published on this CricHD TV. They will keep on updating the links and scores of the various matches to enhance the watch time of the viewers. Not only in the app form this CricHD is also available in the form of a website where the user can use and access the platform with any web browser also.


Almost all the apps which are mentioned in the above section are completely publishing all IPL matches at free of cost. The only thing that the user needs to maintain is a good electronic gadget with high internet speed connectivity. Here high internet speed connectivity is required to access the content of any platform at high resolution(HD video publishment).

Any user who is interested in watching this IPL matches needs to satisfy the above-mentioned two conditions to watch the cricket matches. All the apps which are described in the above section for all of them the official download links are present at the bottom of our website. You can directly click on the link to reach the respective app. The best entertainment in the time summer for most of the people is IPL match only.

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