How to change SoundCloud name?

How to change SoundCloud name?

Your username makes it easy for others to find you on sound cloud. Your username is through which you are identified on sound cloud. So, you need to understand that profile name on sound cloud is extremely essential. You may wonder how to change SoundCloud name. Fortunately, changing your name on sound cloud is really very easy. Follow the steps to learn how to change SoundCloud name.

How to change SoundCloud name or your URL?

Use a web browser on your device to access your profile page and click Edit under your profile header to change your name and profile URLs. You can also change the user name via mobile devices (URL changes on mobile devices cannot be allowed as of now though). You can pick which name you want to show. Moreover you can add spaces and letters along with it. It is really convenient to change a Sound cloud Username from your profile tab.

Follow some basic steps to change your name on sound cloud

  • Visit your Profile page through a computer web browser
  • Under your profile header press the Edit button
  • You can change your name or username to whatever you want (free to spaces)

Changing Soundcloud name is not complicated but it’s better to do it on PC

You cannot change your username or Soundcloud name using its App, so you have to go through your phone browser or preferably your PC browser to the Sound cloud website and sign in with your account to continue with the steps listed below.

  • After you sign up for your account, at the top right of the page, click on the down-arrow icon next to your username.
  • Tap Profile from the drop-down menu
  • Press the Edit button on the following tab, which is located to the right of the page under your image header.
  • The window will be opened to change your profile.
  • Edit the information in the Display name window
  • Change the First name and Last name window to update your username. Then press Save Modifications.
  • Once you have saved the changes, your SoundCloud name and username are changed. In the same window,
  • The SoundCloud URL can be changed by clicking on the pencil icon on the URL link on the right side.

How to change SoundCloud name very smoothly through desktop

Sound Cloud requires an exact name because it is the manner in which other users can recognize your content, music and playlists. Use the profile settings screen to change your Sound Cloud profile name, including your username and your full name. The following steps will give you an idea on how to change SoundCloud name.


  • Visit the SoundCloud web-site and sign up for your account for a change in your Sound Cloud name.
  • To show your profile on the top of the page, click your user name in the menu bar and pick the “Profile” tab in the download section.
  • To access the Profile Settings App, click the “Edit” button under your profile image.
  • Here you can change both the first and last names associated with your SoundCloud username and your password.
  • After that save the changes and the task is complete.
  • All current and future songs connected with your account are subject to your username changes. For example, if you add a new name to the playlist, no matter how long it’s made, it will appear on that playlist.
  • Click on the “Edit” icon next to the Permalink area on the Profile settings page to change the name in your permanent SoundCloud URL and add a new permanent permalink. Although Sound Cloud has a reasonably transparent name policy, it doesn’t tolerate
    anomalies (using a name that belongs to someone else is not allowed. It can have similarities but cannot be same)
  • Change false name to real name on soundcloud
  • Click on the profile
  • Tap on edit
  • Change the name

How to change your name on sound cloud through mobile

When you open your profile page but from a web browser on your phone, you can change your name. Follow the steps to how to change SoundCloud name from mobile.

  • Tap on a Cog icon and then on the setting profile,
  • Open your SoundCloud account.
  • You have to click on the edit option provided there in the respective profile header
  • You can pick the name or name you would like to be represented with.
  • You will have the option to use spaces, capital letters , numbers, underpins, small letters and hyphens, but no mobile apps will change your name.
  • You can be searched by other SoundCloud users by modifying your username, but you do not appear automatically in the Google Search Engine, so it takes some time.
  • Since it relies solely on Google, SoundCloud cannot help it clear its cache. So, be patient to see your name on the search engine on Google. But on SoundCloud, you are not going to face any issues.

Final Thoughts

The user name will be the element through which people will identify you. It becomes your identity with any account you use. The use of your real name for any device or website is considered essential and a smart approach. Nevertheless, several people log in through false names. And then they regret it. SoundCloud is a music streaming application, that allows you to play a playlist or create a playlist using your username and anyone can search for you. Therefore, you have to offer your user name that is simple, concisely and appropriate to allow them to examine you without discomforts.

For example, someone on SoundCloud offers a false name that is fascinating to hear but does not show permission and the individual produces his or her music. The music becomes popular and everybody wants the artist and that is when you need your name. Yet you cannot because you have supplied Soundcloud’s bogus or fake username, and you want to change it now. If you have already done those then follow the article carefully and learn the steps on how to change SoundCloud name though PC and Mobile.

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