How to know If someone blocked you on Gmail?

Are you also confused if one of your clients block you on Gmail or not? It is not easy to find who block you on Gmail. Because Gmail doesn’t introduce any feature from where you can check this. But in case you are sending lots of emails to your client and not receiving any reply then it may be possible that you have been blocked by the client. To ensure this read the given content carefully.

  • How to know If someone blocked you on Gmail from Mobile phone

From this method, you can check from your mobile phone if someone blocked you on Gmail or not. There is no direct way to check from Gmail. But you can check from hangouts. For this first download the hangouts app. Every hangout user has its Gmail account access with hangout.

Once you have downloaded the hangout, you need to check out the contact list of hangouts. If any of the users blocked you on Gmail than his/her name will not appear in the hangout list. Thus, in this way you can assure that if someone blocked you on Gmail or not.

  • How to know If someone blocked you on Gmail from PC

It is quite easy to view who blocked you on Gmail on PC. For this firstly open the Gmail by searching in google. Then log in to your account. Now on the top left corner of the screen, google chat list will appear. It is the list of those contacts that you have recently added to your Gmail. This list also shows the recent messages list. Now open the circle icon made on the bottom of the left corner. Gp through the whole list. The name of the person who has blocked you will not appear on the list.

These are both the methods to check who blocked you on Gmail. Now the question arrives here that where goes all the mail that you have sent to the person who has blocked you. Let’s clarify this also.

Once any user blocks you on the Gmail then he/she will not receive any mail from you. This process is the same as that of WhatsApp. When some blocks you on the WhatsApp then he/she will not receive any message from you. The same rule is to apply to Gmail. When someone blocks you then you can’t find the person on Gchat as well as on Gtalk. However, you can send messages to the person in hangout and Google+

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