How to use Bitcoin in Canada?

How to use Bitcoin in Canada?

Before we dive into knowing where can we use bitcoin, we should understand what bitcoins are in the first place. Bitcoins are the most popular form of cryptocurrency, which is in some way, digital money. Only, it is not the money that you use like e-wallets or credit cards; instead, it is a different currency altogether.

Bitcoins are generated through a sophisticated worldwide program called Blockchain, and the people who generate bitcoins are called miners. So, the miners all across the world produce bitcoins and people like use can buy them from an online currency exchange that sells bitcoin. You need to own an exclusive bitcoin wallet to save your bitcoins and can spend them by sharing a dedicated key with the merchant. Now, the question is, where we can use bitcoins? So, in this article, we will discuss the various platforms and websites, where you can use bitcoins.

How to use Bitcoin in Canada?

  • Travala: With 500,000+ hotels, Travala is a booking portal for hotel and accommodation. Apart from bitcoins, they accept other cryptocurrencies like XRP, BNB, TUSD, and many more.
  • Travelbybit: Travelbybit is yet another online travel booking platform that accepts Bitcoin and Altcoins. Primarily you can book hotels and flights using this platform; you may get some offers for using bitcoins exclusively.
  • Amazon via Purse: Purse is an Amazon service, that accepts bitcoin as a mode of payment. You can save up 30% while using bitcoin. As we all know the popularity and magnitude of Amazon, indeed it is an excellent place to use your cryptocurrency.
  • Newegg: If you are looking to spend your cryptocurrency on computer hardware and consumer electronics, then Newegg is somewhere you can visit. On this platform you can choose a varies of products and even get discounts on using bitcoins.
  • Microsoft: It is not a secret what you can do in Microsoft store. The fact that they accept bitcoins itself recites the popularity of cryptocurrency.
  • Overstock: Overstock is arguably among the most popular online shopping websites in the world. They accept bitcoins as a mode of payment. You may also get lucrative discounts if you choose bitcoins to pay.
  • eGifter: eGifter is among the top online gift cards & group gifting company, not only in Canada but in most parts of the world. Now, you can spend your bitcoins for gifting someone.
  • KFC Canada: KFC Canada is a place that needs no introduction. The fact that major food outlet like KFC Canada accepts bitcoins is a step towards the global adoption of cryptocurrency.
  • NameCheap: NameCheap is a popular domain and web-hosting company which is accredited by the ICANN. So, they accept bitcoin as a mode of payment, which proves that it is safe to purchase digital services using cryptocurrencies.
  • Shopify: Nothing much to say about Shopify, other than it is one of the most popular CMS for e-Commerce websites. So, if you are a web developer, you can trust bitcoin payments.
  • Gyft: Gyft is yet another online store that manufactures and sells gifts for various occasions and distinct range of peoples. So, you can buy gifts for your loved ones using bitcoins and even qualify for some additional discounts as well.
  • Subway: Subway is yet another popular food counter where you can pro-actively use bitcoins. We know that you can use bitcoins in Canadian outlets; not sure whether other countries accept bitcoins or not.
  • Playboy: Playboy is an extremely popular global media and lifestyle company which is based in America. You can use your bitcoins to buy monthly subscriptions for magazines.
  • Dish: Dish is a renowned satellite television service provider who also provide internet services provider. So, you can recharge your DTH and internet quickly using bitcoins.
  • Intuit Labs: Intuit Labs is a Tax preparatory software development company, which is also known for developing accounting software, Quick books. Now, you can buy such software using your bitcoins.
  • QHoster: QHoster is yet another company that provide Hosting and VPS related service. They accept bitcoins as one of their mode of payment. So, you can avail discounts by paying bitcoins.

The Conclusion – How to buy bitcoins?

Now, as we have discussed where can we use bitcoins, we should also know how or where can we buy bitcoins or more precisely cryptocurrencies. The first place you should go is the Online Exchange. There, you can easily convert your Canadian dollar to BTC, which is the standard unit of bitcoin. The second option for you is via Bitcoin ATM. Here, you can purchase bitcoins using cash via dedicated ATMs; however, it can cost roughly 6 – 8% more than online exchange. There are other ways you can buy bitcoins like using a P2P network, OTC trading, or simply purchase in-person who has bitcoins.

Bitcoins are undoubtedly the future of currency. So, it is not a matter of whether people accept it or not; instead, it is a question when people will adopt it completely.

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