How to make money from stock photos ?

How to make money from stock photos ?

In stock photography, photographer supply the photographs which are often licensed for special use. Professional stock photography gave their photos on a contract basis to many stock agencies. Many stock agencies also take high-quality photographs of newcomers.

In simple words, we can say that the photos we download from the internet or any other websites come under stock photography. When you sell your high-quality photographs to any agency, they will upload your photographs on the internet or website or they will publish the photographs into magazines and protect them with a watermark.

There are basically three established types of stock photography.

  • Macro stock– Macro stock photography includes those photographs which are clicked in the traditional way, which are highly-priced. These come under exclusive photography.
  • Macro stock– It is a new model of stock photography. It is lower priced stock photography. In this model, agencies sell images at low prices but in a larger volume.
  • Mid stock– Mid stock model comes between the micro stock and micro stock model. Its price range is also between the two of them.

How to make money from stock photos ?

It is an understood fact that you can earn money by selling your stock photographs. But are you confused about where and how to sell your photographs? If yes, then don’t worry, in this article you are going to explore 6 different platforms where you can sell your stock photographs and earn tons of money.

1. Adobe Stock

This platform is the first online photo selling place. It is serving from the last 10 years. The make of Adobe Stock also made Photoshop and Lightroom. The best part about Adobe Stock is that they upload their photos to various Adobe applications. It means the photos uploaded in it is viewed by a huge number of audience.

It is the first priority of all the stock photographers to sell their photos because it offers a good amount of money.

2. Shutter stock.

Shutter stock is selling and buying photographs from the last 15 years. They have sold about 200 million photos, music, and videos. It means it has millions of buyers to buy stock photos. You can earn a very good amount of money from Shutterstock. According to its website, Shutterstock has sold approximately $500 million photos so far. They give 20-30% of each photo of yours sold in it.

The plus point of selling your photos in Shutterstock are, you can add your watermark on your photo. Also, it gives credit to the photographers. Once you become a member of Shutterstock, it will pay you a monthly basis, each time your photo get sold.

You can sell your photos to another site at the same time you sell to Shutterstock.

3. Fotomoto

Fotomoto is, not an online platform to sell photo but it is a widget which helps to sell photos in your own website. All you need to do is add Fotomoto to your website and it will access all the photos of yours. It offers canvases, photo prints, and digital photos to your buyers. It also manages the packing of your photos, to make it easy for you. You can control it’s setting to show your branding information. It has some exciting features that manage your website to sell more photos.

4. 500px

It is the best online platform to create a portfolio of your photos. You can earn money from it. It added your new uploads to the main page and thousand of visitors view the main page to buy photos. It has a very important feature, it allows you to track the status of your photo. You can view how many people checked your photo? And also how you’re doing in comparison to your competitors?

Also, it is very simple to join 500px. Firstly download it’s a mobile application and make an account. It is totally free of cost to make an account in 500px. Upload the best clicks of yours in it and audiences who like your photo will directly contact you to buy the photos.

5. Photo Shelter

Photo Shelter is again an online platform where you can sell your photos. It allows you to make the best templates for selling of your photo. Visitors who like your photo can directly contact you to buy the liked photos.

However, it is quite expansive to join Photo Shelter. You can join it for free but you need a subscription to upload the photos in it. It offers many subscription plans as you can subscribe for a month or for a year.You need to pay a different amount according to the time period of your subscription.

6. Snapped4u

This is the best platform to sell your photos if you like to click the photos of every event. You can make a gallery of your own photos and upload them on Snapped4u. Directly photographer has it’s own gallery and URL in Snapped4u. The best part is you can share your URL with anyone who you think can buy your photos. Once any viewer like your photo and pay for it. Snapped4u will send the photo to the customer via email. Each time your photo sold on a high rate Snapped4u will charge a commission for themselves.

They will pay you via pay pal on every first date of each month. You can earn a very good amount each month from it.

These are the best online platforms where you can sell your stock photos. These are trustworthy sites that will definitely pay you for your hard work. Before uploading your photos to these sites keep in note that always upload real photos in it. Do not copyright from anywhere. If you do so you have to face a penalty also. And always upload your best work in it to attract the audience. Remember viewers always like the unique work. Good things always take time to happen. If your one photo get sold, you can sold many more.

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